Mission and Philosophy

Our mission is to eliminate housing problems and plastic pollution by achieving a status of excellence as a market leader in the plastic packaging, recycling, and eco building construction Industry. We are broadening the portfolio of our products and solutions to maintain a strong commitment to a sustainable environment. We believe that living sustainably should be a neccessity for all and not just a choice for those who care. Every Ghanaian deserves to be housed and we are here to make this possible.


Our vision is to go beyond the ordinary to become the regional market leader in the plastic packaging and recycling industry. This we believe requires dedication and innovation without compromises on environmental issues. Due to our hard work and dedication, Nelplast has already recycled over 1 million kilograms of plastic in less than 2.5 years, but our work has only started. We want to fight issues such as schools under trees, housing deficit, and plastic polution through innovation!


Our objectives include but not limited to the following:

  • To seek the interest of the environment first in all our processes.
  • Create affordable homes and pavement structures using recycled plastic
  • Expand our material portfolio to create more innovative solutions to solve environmental Issues
  • To maintain high quality standards in all our product offerings.
  • To recycle about 70% of plastics waste generated by the country daily into useful products that can be used for a life time.
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